BESCOM Meter Transfer Procedure in Whitefield

Updated in June 2020 with inputs from George Oommen


Document/ItemWhere to getRemarks
NOC from previous builder or previous ownerFormat is available on BESCOM websiteEnsure to have seal/signature in the NOC as applicable
Latest electricity bill copy + bill payment receipt copy
Photo of electricity meterTake a photo of your electricity meter. Please make sure serial no, make of the meter and the reading is visible clearly.

Take a printout. A B&W printout will suffice
Notarized Sale Deed copyNotary is available near Varthur Sub Registration office (@ Rs 10 per page)Advocate Rajasekar Mbl: +91 9164106533 /+91 9972636976 
Application FormBESCOM websitePage 1: Mention builder/previous owner name in ‘present consumer’
Mention your name in ‘Transferee’ 

Page 2:  Page that’s mentioned as ‘For Official Use’, mention RR no, current reading, meter make

(Attach meter photo printout)
Power Supply Agreement + Indemnity BondBoth there forms are available on BESCOM website and also at the BESCOM office (at Hope Farm signal).There is no need to go anywhere else. Stamp duty is also collected at the BESCOM office and receipt is provided. You need  witness signatures for each formMention RR no, your name, and a witness name with signature
FileAt any stationery shop. Its also available at BESCOM officeFile all the documents. On the file cover, mention: RR no, Name, Address, Mobile number


Go to BESCOM office ( @ Immadihalli/HopeFarm ) 

[office work takes approx. 1 hr ]

  • Get documents verified by BESCOM engineer
  • Once verified, pay the application fee of Rs 100 and other fees for the Form II and Form III and collect receipts
  • Attach the Rs 100 receipt in the file and submit entire file back to BESCOM engineer
  • Get a Ref No for the application submitted

The next process takes 10 days as per BESCOM engineer. You will receive next bill in your name.

Expenses Incurred:

Power Supply Agreement + Stamp Duty (212 +47)259
Indemnity Bond + Stamp Duty (212+47)259
BESCOM Application Fee100
Cardboard File10
Total Expenses628