A copy of this document was given to every candidate who stood for elections for MLA position from Mahadevapura in assembly elections, 2018

1 Mahadevapura asks of MLA candidates

We have learnt over 5 years that the issues we face are not because our asks are not clear. After all you don’t need us to ask for stopping sewage in lakes or garbage on streets. You don’t need us to ask for clean water and clean air for all or for a reprieve in traffic. You already know this. Rather than speculate on your reasons for being unable to fulfil this, we have studied exactly what we need to ask of an MLA and understood his/her reach and potential. In the end, we have learnt that a good individual with integrity and intent regardless of party will be our answer.

This document has 3 sections. The first shares the attributes we are looking for in our candidate. The second looks for specific actionable expectations from the candidate as soon as he/she comes into power. The third shares the current state of affairs in Mahadevapura


Show Intent Infact if we could ask for only one thing, it would be for your “intent”. We observe the speed with which anything the Govt really wants can be done – Eg Indira Canteen. Yet a simple fencing of public land is yet to be done after years. The intent is missing.

Ability to Influence Influence and ensure the appointment of Competent, Honest, Strong, Ethical officers for the posts in Mahadevapura, so they can “execute” and “deliver” successfully. The Joint Commissioner, ARO do not move on bribe free khatas. The Health Inspector does not impose any penalty on violations. The Tahsildar is blatant in his non cooperation to fence any public lands thus allowing encroachment. This along with you, you need to influence the appointment of excellent officers.

Engage Be present at necessary forums (Legislative Assembly/Council ) to represent the constituency and be accessible to citizens on a regular basis. Support development at each level with the wards by engaging and influencing the BBMP budgeting process and council to raise the importance of the top issues in the zone and bring resolution. With the exploding population of Mahadevapura, where is the State/Central Govt attention to ramp up the infrastructure and use the opportunity to make this a world class zone? What are the demands you are making on our behalf and where? Whether the Ward corporator is from your party or otherwise, your keen engagement and support at a ward level is crucial. Instead we often see “blocks” of the work of the corporators from the other party. Being visible and active at the BBMP budgeting process and council is crucial to genuine progress of a developing area.

Execute Ensure adequate and effective use of MLA Local Area Development (LAD) Funds, Ward Funds, Welfare Funds, Nagarothana. Work to get additional allocations of funds from State and Central Government programs. We have learnt the hard way that funding is NOT the issue. But effective usage of the funds is. Everyone knows about all percentages required. We need an MLA who has the integrity, vision and ability to effectively use all these sources of funds for our area.

BBMP and Budget Structure Lobby and get separate BBMP budget and structure allocated for Mahadevapura Zone with full financial powers for Local Joint Commissioner.



1. Immediately Show Intent 

Within 90 days: All 8 ward committees must be operational with monthly meetings and monthly minutes published. Must attend one meeting of EACH ward in these first 90 days. Ward committees MUST have non partisan citizens as members. 

Within 90 days: Fence 2 public lands in each ward. Within 12 months, that public land must be ready with functioning DWCC , park or use identified by ward committee. Support all officers and corporators in discharging their duties without favor or discrimination regardless of party of corporator in power. Non-interference in discharge of duties.

2. Immediately Influence (45 DAYS) the appointment of Competent, Honest, Strong, Ethical officers for the below posts in Mahadevapura, so they can “execute” and “deliver” successfully: Joint Commissioner, Chief Engineer SE – SWM, Deputy Health Officer, Tahsildar

3. Legislative Assembly and Council attendance, Ward Committee attendance, BBMP Council Level engagement

85%+ legislative assembly attendance; issues raised for the Constituency to be circulated one week prior and a report on outcome in one week after 75%+ Council attendance; publish a report after each meeting with highlights Attend one ward committee meeting per month to understand and support projects that need intervention, funding and support by lobbying at appropriate levels.

4. MLA Local Area Development (LAD) Funds, Ward Funds, Welfare Fund, Nagarothana Raise funds for the Constituency from Center, State and other sources as available. Ensure welfare funds are spent 100%. Publish remaining Ward vs. Zone level budget allocations with detailed Spend vs. Work Done data available online at all times – 100% transparency for citizens


Mahadevapura has 8 wards and approximately 7 lakh residents. Their issues are serious and are not being addressed. These issues will be kept updated by the residents of the area.

Ward Specific Issues:

54 – Hoodi: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/Hoodi-ward/

82 – Garudacharpalya: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/Garudacharpalya-ward/

83 – Kadugodi: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/Kadugodi-ward/

84 – Hagadur: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/hagadur-ward/

85 – Doddanekundi:https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/Doddanekundi-ward/

86 – Marathahalli:https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/marathahalli-ward/

149 – Varthur: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/varthur-ward/

150 – Bellandur: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/bellandur-ward/

Issues specific to Panchayat: https://wiki.whitefieldrising.org/Issues-specific-to-panchayat-area/

1.4 Our Experiences in the last 5 years

These are the commitments by MLA & Bangalore Development minister and their status – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-bpx4UYX5JNI_HG61LKlX4sEaBqhcx5nogoA5QlTyBw/edit?usp=sharing 


I, as a MLA candidate for Mahadevapura Constituency, do affirm that I can ensure meeting the requirements outlined above to the best of my abilities, if elected to office and will work for the welfare of the citizens of Mahadevapura.

Those items that I cannot undertake are marked with a X as well.

I understand that the points I commit to are regardless of party at Center, State, MP level or Corporator level; if not please state your “conditions” against each item. Example: “I can only complete this item if the MP/State/Center is from X party” and so on

Name: Signature: Date:

Presented by Citizens of Mahadevpura Constituency

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