?? Based on an initiative from a group of residents of the Brigade Metropolis campus in Mahadevapura (https://www.facebook.com/pawsitivebrigade), the following are the steps that could be used for anyone that wants to implement a similar plan in their community.

Step 1 – Getting health cards to track the strays. A Health Card should be made for each dog tracking details of its age, vaccination status, previous injuries or health issues, diet specs, medicines or treatment (if any), any behavioural change (which is usually an early indicator of their health status) and any physical changes (injuries or physical signs of change – limp or slow movement etc). It’s also easy for volunteers to seamlessly take over, anyone can check the card anytime to know what to do.

Step 2 – Vaccinations and Sterilization. Before starting the initiative, Vaccinations should be done first so that caregiving is safe for all. Also, Sterilization so that breeding is limited and spare the dogs of the trauma of puppy deaths and painful pregnancies. Both these details should be noted down in the health cards.

Step 3- Feeding schedule. To make it easy for volunteers and also so that all residents of the community don’t get restricted, feeding area needs to be fixed and at designated spots. Have to get necessary permission from the RWA.

Step 4 – Awareness Sessions. Periodic educational sessions could be conducted in the future, on understanding body language, handling stray dogs, responsible feeding, and sensitising the youth and children to animals. Let’s all remember this – “The animals were born here and we are the strays. We should not deprive them of their birth right.” If you have more tips/ideas on this issue, please feel free to share them with us under the comments section or write to hello@whitefieldrising.org. It will benefit us all as a collective.