To address the related adverse effects of blazing real estate in the city, the Karnataka High court has come up with a set of regulations for construction activity. The purpose behind the regulations is that the residents of the city get less disturbed by the construction fervour. The new verdict relaxes the earlier order which banned construction work between 6 pm and 8 am.

The new verdict says that there are certain construction activities which are permitted between 6 pm-10 pm and between 6 am-8 am. Here is the list of activities which are permitted by the court.


Activities6 AM to 8AM6 PM to 10 PM
Earth workGround levelling, bush clearanceGround levelling
Shuttering workActivity not allowedActivity not allowed
Steel typing worksPlacing, shifting and lifting of steelPlacing, shifting and lifting of steel
Concreting workCuring of concreteCuring of concrete
Block and plastering workMortar mixing, placing for block work, plasterMortar mixing, placing for block work, plaster
Grills/aluminium fabrication worksActivity not allowedActivity not allowed
Tiles and granitesFixing of tiles, cutting is not allowedInstallation of tiles, granites, cutting is not allowed
Electrical and other servicesWiring works, testingWiring and testing
PaintingPrimer and paintPrimer and paint
LandscapingPlanting and wateringPlanting and watering
Transportation of materials to site, removal of debrisTransportation of construction materials to siteRemoving debris from site and transportation

In addition to the above KSPCB has stipulated very strict guidelines for sound and noise pollution.

KSPCB ruling.jpg

To measure noise decibel level, CSTEP has launched ‘Shabda’, an Android app that not only measures noise all around you but also helps us build a noise-level database.

How to report violations

After referring to the above table and image, you can find out if there is any violation. These are few suggested steps to report the same:

  • Police complaint — If all the RWAs in adjacent areas where work is under way at night, make a joint appeal/complaint to the Police Inspector, it works best.

Dial 100–Calling on 100 is important because calls to this line are recorded and therefore have to be closed properly. Also if many residents from the area call 100 at the same time, issue will get escalated and construction will have to shut down at 6:30. This has to be done repeatedly. Make a written complaint — While making a written complaint, ensure that you get an acknowledgement. Escalation to the written complaint can be done by emailing to the commissioner here. Another way to lodge a complaint with the City Police Commissioner’s office appears to be through, accessible here.

All these steps would help us later in case we have to approach the court for relief.

  • Send a notice through a lawyer to the Construction company warning that they are in contempt of court. Here as well, important thing is that a group or groups should jointly make representation and NOT individuals.
  • Get sanctioned plan through RTI and then track violations
  • File a written complaint to the AEE/BBMP in your area.

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