1 MLA Definition

Voters of an electoral district (constituency) elect a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) as their representative to the State Legislature (Vidhan Sabha).

2 Duties of a member of legislative assembly

  1. Legislative powers: The main duty of the legislative assembly is to make laws for the state.
  2. Executive powers: The assembly has control over the State council of Ministers. The State council of ministers is responsible and answerable to the assembly for its activities. The assembly may pass a no-confidence motion against the council of Ministers if it is not satisfied with the performance.
  3. Financial powers: The legislative assembly has control over the finances of the state. A money bill can be introduced only on the floor of the assembly. The government can not impose, increase, lower or withdraw any tax without the approval of the assembly.
  4. Constitutional powers: The assembly also takes part in the amendment of the Constitution on certain matters.
  5. Electoral powers: The state legislature plays a role in electing the President of India. Elected members of the legislative assembly along with the elected members of Parliament are involved in this process.

2.1 MLA Behavior and Activity Score Card

This score card helps to evaluate the performance of an MLA based on the behavior and activities.

A1AssemblyNumber of full assembly sessions held in yearA functioning assembly session is key to get the required work done. As a benchmark, Lok Sabha meets 71 days/years.
A2Participation% attendance of MLA in the assembly sessions
A3Passing BillsHow the MLA has voted in the list of laws (and amendments), money bills, and constitutional amendments brought to legislative assembly during his/her tenure.
A4QuestionsNumber of questions grouped by category raised by the MLA in the assembly
A5RepresentationAverage number of hours/month spent by the MLA consulting with the constituents
A6AccessibilityDoes the MLA live in the constituency?
A7TransparencyDoes the MLA publish the income and assessment statement annually to the constituents in Kannada and English? Is the increase in the source of wealth clearly explained?
A8AccessibilityHow accessible is the MLA? What are the various methods to contact him/her? Average response time to queries and complaints?
A9IssuesHas he/she published top 5 issues list for the constituencyShould be made available in his/her FB page.

2.2 MLA Performance Score Card

This score card helps to evaluate the performance of an MLA based on establishing capability and results achieved.

P1Budget1. Greater than 75% revenue generated by the constituency is allocated to the constituency for development works
2. Actual % of budget spent
P2Government Land% area of government land fenced and encroachments removed
P3Lakes% of perimeter fenced and encroachments removed
P4Waste Management1. % of waste managed locally (Goal: > 50%)
2. Number of functioning STPS / Number of required STPs
3. Number of functioning DWCCs / Number of required DWCCs
– Number of functioning garbage autos / Number of required garbage autos
– Number of functioning garbage trucks / Number of required garbage trucks
– Number of functioning compactors / Number of required compactors
P5Law & Order1. Number of functioning police stations / Number of required police stations
2. Actual ratio of police:citizens / Required ratio of police:citizens
3. Number of DCPs having office location in constituency / Total of DCPs responsible for the constituency
P6Infrastructure1. Number of planned infrastructure projects started within 10 days of the scheduled start date
2. Number of planned infrastructure projects completed within 10 days of the scheduled completion date
3. Number of infrastructure projects completed within 20% of the projected budget 
4. % of road length paved and motorable
P7Organization Stability1.  % and # of key government employees completed more than one year of service
2.  % and # of key government employees transferred within one year of service

2.3 Mahadevapura Top Issues

CategoryIssueAction Taken by MLACurrent Status
GarbageEnsuring Capability
Ensuring Execution
Nuisance of Flex Banners
Number of Black Spots
RoadsExistence of Road
Pot Hole Free
Dust Free
PollutionLevels of Pollution
Promoting Public Transport
Trees# of trees planted and thriving

# of trees cut
TrafficEnsuring capability in terms of law enforcement officers
Ensuring execution
Open SpaceAvailable green space to walk
Law and OrderCases reported for the most severe crimes such as rape, murder, serious assault
Ensuring capability – number of law and order officials for our population
Ensuring follow through and justice served for our victims

2.4 Role Model MLA

The sole reason for this is the exemplary work done by MLA Satam at Mumbai. Since he has been elected, we have seen multiple positive changes in our ward. He is honest and hardworking and available to us 24/7.” In the past two and a half years, Satam has built 18 gardens, 40 toilets in slum areas, helped undertake the Juhu beach beautification, cleared Versova beach of decades-old encroachments, and followed up the Gilbert Hill conservation plan.

3 References

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