1 Introduction

This article describes how to register to vote. The process involves using an online portal to register, submitting printed forms with supporting documents, and checking the status of the application online.

This article also describes the Million Voter Rising initiative, supported by the Election Commission of India. Using the process, your community or a group of people living in the same area can accelerate the application verification process to complete the registration process.

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2 How to register to vote (individuals)

2.1 Instructional video

Watch this video once to get familiar with the whole process.

2.2 Watch segments of the video and complete the process

Watch relevant section of the video for each step of the process.

2.2.1 Introduction and know your ward

2.2.2 List of documents and how to get them ready

2.2.3 Create an online account

2.2.4 Login and complete the registration forms

2.2.5 Where to submit the printed forms and the supporting documents

2.2.6 Will your vote count?

2.2.7 How to follow up and check periodically whether are you in the voter list

3 How to register to vote (community with more than 50 people)

BBMP is very short staffed for the number of unregistered voters (> 1 lac) we have in Mahadevpura, hence we are working with them to follow the process making it easier for them to verify up to 50 -100 people at a time at a single location. For this reason applications submitted must be only for the community where the camp is located OR a community that is close by (<1 km) so the Revenue officer can drive over and verify those people as well.

  1. Initially you must have all your interested residents Register through the online form (You may have to hold a pre-camp to get this done).
  2. If you find people have difficulty preparing the online application themselves then we suggest you can get a computer operator to come and help you create the online account, create the form and print it out.
  3. Print 2 copies of it along with the supporting documents for Address proof and ID (incl Age) proof.
  4. Once you have collected a minimum of 50 forms with supporting evidence, you need to contact us by submitting a Request for Voter enrollment Camp Google Form to schedule a date for the Verification camp by BBMP. For any clarifications email us at  vote@whitefieldrising.org
  5. On that day the ERO will come to check all the forms, reject incomplete or ineligible forms, give acknowledgement for accepted forms. Following this he/she will visit the apartments/addresses of the accepted forms to verify those applicants.
  6. They will then take about a week/10 days to process the accepted and verified applications and issue voter Id cards. Note: Once you are registered you do NOT need a voter Id card to actually vote as long as your name is in the electoral roll.

4 Voter Registration Application Form – Dos and Don’ts

  1. Make sure you DON’T use all caps while typing in your entries in FORM 6 – only first alphabet to be in capital letters rest of it in lower case – if we dont do this the Revenue Inspector has to retype the name etc. increasing the time taken and the chance for errors
  2. ADDRESS PROOF and address on Form 6 must MATCH and must be at least 6 months old. (Rent agreement/electricity bill etc. must be at least 6 months)
  3. ADDRESS Proof of close relative is OKAY – example for parents/spouse/child – you can use the same address proof for the family.
  4. PRINT the application using the “GENERATE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT” – TWO Copies -should Print – one for the AERO and it says AERO copy on the top and the other APPLICANT COPY – you must bring BOTH to the camp/BBMP Office.
  5. HAND WRITE your mobile number at the top right of your printed application (AERO copy)
  6. Make sure you hand tick off the correct option in the print out in the Declaration for (iv) since the selection online does not seem to carry through to the hard copy print.
  7. Make sure ERO signs and stamps your APPLICANT copy when you submit your form as acknowledgement of receipt – that way you have proof of having submitted it.
  8. If changing your address from a different constituency DONT submit a Form 8 – you need to submit a Form 6 with the part (iv) of the Declaration filled out stating you want the previous registration deleted and attach a self-certified copy of the old EPIC card.
  9. Form 8A is required if you are changing your address WITHIN Mahadevpura AssemblyConstituency – Submit it to the BBMP Office incharge of your OLD place of residence.
  10. If your previous EPIC was in your maiden name and the new application is in your married name please attach a copy of your marriage certificate.
  11. Finally – PLEASE check your application carefully before submission and make sure you SIGN it. People had errors in their own NAMES.

5 Reference

  1. Karnataka Voter registration site – http://voterreg.kar.nic.in/
  2. Step by Step Guide in Power Point with Audio
  3. Frequently Asked Questions in Word

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