Domestic Violence is but one of the many injustices women face. While children and men also experience this, the statistics are staggering on how many women encounter this.

That first slap, that private rebuke slowly becoming public, that control, that unpredictability – so many different signs that steadily lead to more and more abuse. For some it is physical. For others it could be emotional. Sexual abuse as well as economic abuse are also rampant. None of these are acceptable as every human has a right to a dignified respectful life and no other human has the right to treat any other being in a manner that harms, belittles or stifles.

Whitefield Rising is partnering with Vimochana to bring together a resource group to help victims of domestic violence across all socio-economic strata. Listening, Believing, Supporting, Filing police case if necessary , Counselor help, legal help, medical help can all be immensely useful to one already undergoing so much trauma. But doing this right is our aspiration as the victims are at their most vulnerable. Guiding them to their optimum future with themselves charting their own course with the support of resource groups like ours would be our goal.

Read below for information we have recently gathered.

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If you want help because you are undergoing any kind of abuse, do reach out and we will do our best to help you even now though we are yet to equip ourselves. We will connect you to the resources you will need.Women & Children Violence, domestic issues Parihar 080 – 22943225, 22943224, 080-41842727, 09972322322

CategoryContact forNamePhoneWebComments
WomenViolence against womenSahai+91802549777
ChildrenChild abuseEnfoldRadha/Khushi,+919844162280+919845404235
WomenPolice and DCW Mahila Help Line (MHL)181
ChildrenChild abuseSrishtiNisha Byju – MD 91-99643-50050
CounsellingViveka Counseling Centre91-80-6533 0387   
Children, AdultsCounsellingParivarthan  +91-80-25273462,+91-80-25298686,080-65333323 Helpline
Educating rural women and childrenAnchorage   080-41526640 www.idigitalbridge.orgShelter
Family CounselingMahila Dakshata Samiti  080-23641814, 9341222585
WomenShelter & Rehabilitation for Women in DistressVimochana+918025492781/2/3 Helpline
WomenViolence against womenAwake+91-8023385874
WomenViolence against womenBengaluru City Police: Vanitha Sahayavani+9180229432251091 (24 hours) tele-counseling, police assistance, crisis intervention
Women & ChildrenUpliftmentt of women and childrenSakthi+918026713253
AllLegal aidHuman Rights Law Network+91-80-65624757
AllLegal aidSICHREM8025473922]+98025804072+918025804073
ChildrenSexual abuseBangalore Baptist Hospital+918022024700 for children who’re physically, sexually or emotionally abused
WomenTransit shelterMitr SanketaGeeta Menon +919845445408
WomenSexual HarassmentSASHA+919845096503 Against Sexual Harassment At Workplace
AllSuicide HelplineAASRA+912227546669
AllSuicide HelplineSaath Suicide Prevention
Women, childrenRehabilitation CentreSouharda Family Counseling Centre080-26556555NAMarriage Counseling
Women, childrenRehabilitation CentreAshraya TARA Center for distressed women+91-80-25251929] Destitute, Poor and Abandoned Children
Rights of domestic workersStree Jaguruti Samiti9845445408
Severe mental illnessesManasa91-9448374392 illness
ShelterFreedom Foundation 080-32559894 Helpline
Shelter, Counselling and RehabilitationAbhaya Ashram 080-22220834, 22121131 Helpline
Substance abuse de addiction cell(only on wednesday afternoons )NIMHANS Centre for Well Being080 26685948/9480829670
Home CaregiverCaregiver for homeApollo Home Care+918125008585 careSenior citizen care
Home CaregiverCaregiver for homeDivine Consultants+918867566369 careSenior citizen care
Home CaregiverCaregiver for homeNightingales18001034530http://www.nightingales.inPatient careSenior citizen care
Home CaregiverCaregiver for homeNavodaya Healthcare+919483095054 careSenior citizen care
CounsellingYour dost080-39513412
Elders careHelpline and further information about Elder care1090 citizen care

This is a large study by ICRW on masculinity and partner violence.There is a strong correlation of boys growing up in violent homes having 3 times more risk of becoming a perpetrator and how gender inequitable homes shape unequal practices.:

Here is the link to the school programme GEMS for transforming gender attitudes and behaviour :

Shocking data on the number of men who practiced sexual violence at an early age:

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