1 Introduction

This article describes how to identify opportunities and become a volunteer teacher. Currently there are 3 groups in our area which offer opportunities to volunteers who teach and make a large impact to the lives of students. You can either teach students in Government schools locally (Whitefield Ready/Acharya) or teach disillusioned youth who are put through a rigorous program to become employable. Timings and commitments vary. Click through each link to understand what works best for you.


2 Whitefield Ready

Whitefield Ready Logo.jpeg

2.1 Mission

We are a group of volunteers who like to use our education, time and effort to improve the quality of education, hygiene, civic awareness, sanitation and hygiene at our local government schools. We welcome your participation.

2.2 Program Overview

This is a program for volunteer teachers for government schools in Whitefield. You can join the program if you can:

  • take classes twice a week or more
  • teach children English or Maths

2.3 Prerequisites

Knowledge of Kannada is not mandatory!

2.4 Resources Provided

You will be provided with the following:

  • all necessary training and teaching materials
  • your choice of day and time to conduct the class
  • Related Khan Academy videos

2.5 How to enroll?


2.6 More Information

3 Acharyas: Education for Every Child

Acharayas Logo.png

3.1 Mission

The Acharyas Program believes in building a platform that provides an excellent education to every child, especially those from the underprivileged sections of society. Their mission is to create a flow of knowledge and skills from their volunteers to these children, thereby enabling them to grow intellectually, artistically, athletically and morally.

3.2 Program Overview

This group was started by a couple of young and passionate volunteers who believed that every child needed an opportunity to grow intellectually to succeed. By working in the ‘field’ tirelessly and relentlessly, they inspired other young and passionate volunteers to join them in “rotating” the wheel of “Acharyas” regularly. There are currently around 200 volunteers working across Bangalore to improve the education standards in several Government and Aganvadi schools.

3.3 How to enroll?

Please reach us at 



3.4 More Information

4 Life Dream

LifeDream Logo.png

4.1 Mission

Life Dream helps take youth that are dropouts or don’t have jobs and gives them important basic skills to make them employable.

4.2 Program Overview

A program for school dropouts (18 years+) with 3 months full time FREE spoken english/computers/lifeskills ( curriculum designed originally by IIM-Bangalore professors).

LifeDream Course Outline.jpg

4.3 How to enroll?



4.4 How to help?

  1. Identify youth that need this help. The hardest part is finding these people and actually persisting to ensure they stay in class.
  2. Offer your location for 3 months so such a class can be held.

4.5 More Information

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