1 Introduction

This article describes how to become a traffic warden

There is no traffic jam on the extra mile

2 Passion to solve a problem

Do you find passion in yourself to solve a problem and work hard to go an extra mile? One of the ways to channelize your passion is to become a Traffic Warden.

3 Traffic Warden Organization(TWO)

Bangalore City Police Traffic Warden Organisation (BCPTWO) is a voluntary organisation and was formed in the year 1985 to assist the Bangalore City Traffic Police in various enforcement and regulation activities. Bangalore City Police Traffic Warden Organisation has been assisting the City Traffic Police effectively to manage unprecedented increase in vehicle population and the tremendous pressure on the traffic Police is shared by the Traffic Wardens since its inception.

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4 Application for TWO

Traffic Wardens are recruited by a selection board consisting of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) and the Chief Traffic Warden and other Senior Traffic Wardens. Good physique/health, well educated and aged between 18 and 60 are the qualifications needed.

Download the application form from below url and follow the guidelines and contact the representative of TWO and fix an appointment to submit the form.

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5 Interview and Training

  • Upon submitting the form , you will get a call for police verification which is a general rule. Upon verification, you will be informed about the interview date. Be on time for interview with all necessary documents if any. It will be simple interview, interviewed by Chief Traffic Warden and other Senior Traffic Wardens mainly looking at your attitude and reason on why you want to become a traffic warden.
  • You will be asked to choose a division/area where you want todo the duty/enforcement, which is convenient for you and also add value to the organization and your Deputy Chief Traffic Warden will be your point of contact.
  • Once you get selected, you will be informed about the Training and you have to buy a set of uniform and boots , which usually happens over a saturday followed by parade training on sunday morning. Please note, Traffic Warden service is a voluntary service.

6 Oath Taking and Duty

  • There will be a oath taking ceremony in front of Honorable Commissioner of Police at BCP Head Quarters and you will be given the certificate by the Honorable Commissioner.
  • Once you have taken the Oath, you can start doing your duty with your uniform at your convenient time preferably during peak hour traffic in order to help the Traffic Police. Please do note, you do note your job as a traffic warden is to help the traffic police, to manage the traffic and not to do over and beyond.
  • Minimum working hours will be a minimum of 4 hours a week and you have to attend the parade on 3rd sunday of every month.
  • Traffic Warden is a voluntary service which you have come forward to do. There is no salary / any other monetary benefit you get out of it.
A Traffic Warden helping a visually challenged person cross the road

7 References

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