1 Introduction

This article describes how to report a traffic violation

You cannot strengthen the law by violating the law

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2 Public Eye – Official BTP App

If you find someone violating the traffic and you wish to report the same, it’s easy now. Just report at Public Eye, a BTP App.

2.1 Install the App

As a first step, install the Public Eye App in your phone or refer to the public eye website first.

BTP Public Eye


2.2 Taking photo of the violation

When you see a violation, do make sure you capture a photo on your phone camera which clears captures the vehicle registration number and also the actual violation like(parking at no parking, wrong side driving, footpath driving, driving without helmut) captured. For the whole list refer to the App. Your safety is important. So kindly make sure the offender does not see you capturing the photo.

2.3 Post the violation in the App

Once you have captured the photo, go to the public eye app or site and enter all the mandatory fields and upload the picture captured and submit the complaint. Note down the reference number.


2.4 Check your violation Complaint status

Once you have posted the complaint, it will take 3 to 4 days for BTP to act on it. So after 5 days, go and check your violation complaint status by clicking here. If your photo and details were very clear wrt violation, action will be taken by BTP and a case will be booked to penalize the offender.

3 Reference

  1. BTP Complaint Status Page
  2. BTP Web Site

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