A business that makes a profit while benefiting the area around them is a Rising Business.

1 Rising Shops

  • Does not encroach into any public property such as a footpath
  • Does not encourage illegal parking and keeps the front of his/her shop free for pedestrians
  • Does not use banned plastic bags and encourages customers to bring their own bags
  • Pays a fair wage to the staff at the shop with cognizance of the staff’s other needs including medical assistance and childrens education
  • Does not employ under-age workers
  • Always provides a real bill
  • Does not bribe anyone and especially not govt officials or the police
  • Follows the law always
  • Does not discriminate
  • Disposes garbage responsibly
  • Reduces waste generation
  • Is respectful of public property
  • Understands that Street Dogs are to be managed by neutering, feeding and vaccination and works towards that

2 Rising Malls

  • Does not bribe to build the mall
  • Does a traffic study and works towards easing the traffic problems around it
  • Follows the law and does not encroach
  • Disposes waste responsibly
  • Contributes to the welfare of the community
  • Supports bus stops in the vicinity to encourage usage of public transport

3 Rising Corporations

  • Provides group transportation and flex hours for employees to minimize traffic issues
  • Regularly trains drivers and employees driving their own vehicles to ensure they follow traffic rules
  • Provides sufficient parking for all vehicles that are being utilized to transport their employees and does not use public space for the same
  • Works with the Traffic police and area residents to work through traffic clogs their employees create
  • Works with the government to improve public transport to the area they are in
  • Segregates waste and disposes responsibly
  • Conducts voter registration drives and encourages voting on the day of elections

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