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Whitefield Rising is an attitude, a movement and not an organization! If you have the attitude, you are in. Whats the attitude? Its simply asking the question “What can I do to make a difference here”. It can be across any area in our geography. It could be your photography skills you want to put to use. Or it could be that traffic irritates you so much that you want to help improve it. You can ask/ talk about anything that is on your mind. We encourage dialogue on all civic issues, giving back to society, improvements you want to make, sustainability, arts, culture, theater, drama, religion, spirituality, sports, health, nutrition, organic, yoga, heritage and anything that will bring vibrancy and wellness to us all Cleaning Greening and Caring opportunities are many and bring deep satisfaction to our volunteers

For large visual Changes to our area, we will need many of us to engage en masse. Over 7 years we have pieced together learnings from all our experiences as well as that of other groups working for change to arrive at the model that can quickly translate to impact. It comes down to just one thing. If the majority of the 8 lakh people residing in our area marched to the same new beat we propose, we shall see imminent change.


  • Get registered to Vote and plan to Vote on May 2 2018. Only 1.5 lakhs people voted at the last elections. Thats 25% of our current population deciding who leads us. It is therefore only their demands that the Elected Representative will try to meet. By simply Voting we become a new force to deal with. One that is not swayed by Caste/Party Politics or Election day bribing. A force that will demand informed performance and accountability. So if you do nothing else, you will already be doing a lot by simply ensuring you are an engaged citizen.


We volunteer in our immediate neighborhood. Each small neighborhood then adds together for massive collective impact from co-operating with each other. Beyond this we share opportunities to engage in our “Care” initiatives common across Neighborhoods.



What kind of Volunteer might you be? See if any of these indicate who you are. Sometimes you may not know till you engage

  • Type M: Already been contributing but delight in finding great energy and support and empowerment from being in WR
  • Type X: Have been on the lookout and then blossom because of the platform. Strong personalities find their own cause to work on. Mellow personalities need time to look around and then find their area of contribution. Another type will write in with wanting to work on a specific cause but need a bit of early sheltering and mentoring to take off and then no one can stop them.
  • Type N: Always available for whatever you want them to do. They just want to give back and are happy to offer any assistance possible. 
  • Type Q: Will sign petitions or show up for protests. Too busy for the rest
  • Type L: Will make the changes you suggest. Eg: Adopt waste segregation or voter registration or such. But cannot commit to time on the ground etc. These are also very special people because making a change to one’s own life is quite something.
  • Type F: Ready to contribute or make connections when you ask them. They just want to make us successful. These are generally busy, successful, influential people.
  • Type S:Very good with administrative work. Just want to be part of a movement and give their skills. Eg: Legal, Accounting, Printing or such.

(Types have alphabets only to  use when referencing. Deliberately not in any hierarchical order to avoid giving importance to any one type of volunteer)


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