A Rising Community is one that is not a burden on the area they are in, but rather a positive asset to them. Here are the various categories under which community behaviors are listed. How Risen is your Community?

1 Garbage

  • Segregates garbage
  • Composts food waste generated as well as leaves/greenery from the community
  • Disposes garbage responsibly including sanitary waste

2 Water

  • Encourages low use of water
  • Does Rainwater harvesting
  • Recycles water
  • Runs a proper STP and does not dump sewage onto the drains leading to our own lakes (you will be surprised. Do check)

3 Traffic

  • Encourages Carpooling
  • Encourages Group/ Public Transport usage
  • Provides first mile assistance so residents can easily get to a train or bus
  • Ensures the turning into and out of the community is not prone to causing a jam

4 Environment

  • Runs all community events as green events – ie no waste
  • Plants as many trees in and around the community as possible
  • Does not use chemicals or pesticides in the upkeep of the community
  • Encourages environment friendly practices for community use at home
  • Ensures ecological balance at the community level

5 Urban Wildlife/Animal Welfare

  • Brings awareness to the community on the importance of co-dwelling with urban wildlife
  • Adopts indian strays as community dogs, neuters and feeds them
  • Has processes in place for snake management and not just kill them on sight
  • Reveres bees and preserves them as much as possible
  • Brings awareness to residents wrt pets and the importance of caring for them responsibly

6 Citizenry

  • Runs Voter registration drives regularly
  • Encourages residents to participate in the democracy by bringing in candidate information and helping them on the date of elections
  • Ensures the higest possbile voting turnout
  • Encourages local language learning for a good migrant local relationship and preserving of the local culture

7 Community, Culture and Contribution

  • Makes sincere efforts to uplift the “staff” working for the community. This could be education funds, medical insurance, awareness sessions and more
  • Engages outside the community to build relationships with those living in the area
  • Works to keep the area around them clean and full of trees.
  • Encourages heritage arts, crafts and culture
  • Runs awareness sessions for women’s safety and children’s safety
  • Runs driver training sessions if applicable

If you need any further information please write to us at – hello@whitefieldrising.org

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