1 Why you need your Own Rising

Pretty much all neighborhoods have some issue or the other. There are things citizens can do to resolve many of them and there are things citizens can get the government’s help to resolve. When you create your own Rising, you are making a strong statement and are empowered. With unity comes ability. This is like an RWA in some sense but there are key differences. However when contiguous areas demand action together, we become one large strong co-ordinated voice.

2 How does it Work

People WITHOUT personal agenda come together to work in a “team” without seeking any credits. They start as a small group and build in strength with each activity they do together. Remember that the first set of people coming together are key to setting the culture for the group. So be careful to come toegether for the cause of the community and no other. Especially do not involve anyone at this stage with political ambitions.

Once some strength in numbers is achieved, do activities consistently and selflessly. If funds are necessary, collect them and meticulously report the income and expenses.

3 How to Get Started

Once a small group of even 3-4 people are together, you can begin. Start with any one activity and do it selflessly. Seeing your behavior, those coming to the event will want to join. Embrace them as equals and do the next activity together. Like this the group will keep growing through good work. Include only those that are really working on the ground.

So far we have used Whatsapp for internal communication and FB for broader reach. There are limitations to this method. It does not reach those that are not on social media and thats a sizeable figure.

Remember to set up a culture similar to the one at Whitefield Rising, the inspiration for this Rising Citizen.

4 Areas to Focus on

  • Voter Registration
  • Garbage SpotFixes
  • Garbage Segregation
  • Women’s Safety Sessions
  • Traffic Wardens
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Street Dog Management
  • Lake Rejuvenation
  • Pavement, Roads and Street Lights
  • Tree Planting
  • Encroachments, Other localized issues
  • LifeDream Sessions
  • Local Government School Volunteering
  • Upcycling

5 Tools

  • Vote Bank
  • Protests – if justified
  • Media
  • RTI
  • PIL

6 Tips to Remember

  • Remember NEVER to have an agenda other than community betterment. Especially note this when getting individuals into the group.
  • Ensure diversity in the group across gender, socio economic class, culture and age. The diverse perspectives are very good
  • Never lose your temper unless it is planned. Do not bully anyone just becuase you are a group.
  • ALWAYS be on the right side of the law
  • Do work on the ground. REGULARLY.
  • The success of each team member is to be measured by how many others join because of him/her and are keen to work together as a team

7 Success of other Risings/Citizen Groups in the area

  • Getting roads laid
  • Preventing encroachments
  • Taking on those violating and putting sewage into drains
  • Getting together as a vote bank thus being heard by the local politician
  • Getting Lake rejuvenated
  • Getting economies of scale with garbage segregation

8 Citizen Groups we know of in the area

Not all of them are inspired by us. Some have started independently and follow different philosophies as well. We also see them at different degrees of success and maturity.

  • Nellurahalli Rising
  • Belthur Rising
  • Bellandur Rising
  • ECC Road
  • Spandana
  • Doddanekundi Rising
  • Brookefield Layout Residents
  • Vibyor Road
  • Narayanapura Road (Ramagondanahalli to Borewell Road)
  • Thubarahalli Extension
  • Force GW

If you need any further information please write to us at – hello@whitefieldrising.org

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