1 Introduction

This article describes how to get Khata without paying a BRIBE. The two cases of buildings are explained in detail:

  1. Buildings with Occupancy Certificate (OC) and property not yet bifurcated
  2. Buildings where khata bifurcation is already done

Khatha of a property is the recording in the property register maintained in BBMP. When a property is registered with BBMP, it is assessed to tax, assigned a municipal number and records the person primarily responsible to pay the property tax.

2 Buildings with OC and property not yet bifurcated

First step is to get the the bifurcation done before the Khata can be registered. Following documents are required:

  1. Occupancy Certificate copy
  2. Build Sanction plan copy
  3. A letter from current land owner or builder if he has GPA saying he has no objection in bifurcating property into x units listed below and going ahead with Khata transfer in individual names
  4. The list should have first sale owner name, apartment no, size in super built up area, built up area and no of car parks
  5. Sketch / Drawing showing the location of the plot
  6. Document / sketch showing sizes of different apartments with SBA and built up area
  7. Property tax paid receipts paid till date (till date of OC). From builder get till date of completion and beyond that if individuals have paid then we can see later for now. Technically till date of OC builder has to pay but in mutual agreements things could be different.
  8. Previous Khata copy for the land
  9. Encumbrance for the land till date of OC (15 years encumbrance)
  10. Betterment tax receipts
  11. Conversion order for the land
  12. One covering letter from association/members asking for bifurcation and khata transfer and specifying what all document you are submitting. Addressed to Assistant Revenue Office (ARO)
  13. Only one person should apply for this on behalf of the apartment

Once bifurcation is done please follow the next section to get the Khata.

3 Buildings where Khata bifurcation is already done

3.1 Required Documents

Please have the following documents ready:

  1. Sale deed copy
  2. Property tax paid till date from date of OC or sale deed registration
  3. Encumbrance for the apartment till date from date of OC or sale deed which ever is earlier
  4. Khata form filled
  5. Khata transfer charges (2% of stamp duty paid per sale from first owner or date or OC) and khata extract charges( 125 rupees )

Please approach ARO with all this. If it’s a big group a request letter to do Khata mela can be also given to ARO.

3.2 Use Sakala for better tracking

It is recommended that you do application filing through Sakala route for ease of tracking. Take application and document copies to the BBMP Office and tell the BBMP Case Worker/ Receiving Clerk that you are submitting the Khata application form under Sakala. He/ she will then upload your Khata application details to Sakala and you will be assigned a 15 digit acknowledgement number that will be sent to your mobile phone. Acknowledgements (paper trails ), audio recordings of discussions at the submission offices can help your case.

Call the Sakala Help line  +91-80-44554455 if you face any issues. Sakala helpline should be used for issues and if complaints are there directly escalate to JC Mahadevapura by email and social media.

Kathyayini Chamaraj’s Comment on Sakala:

“I congratulate Reema Fernandes Monis!  She seems to be the only one who knows that a Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act called SAKALA exists which makes it mandatory for officials to provide more than 700 services within time-frames.  Khata transfer and Khata certificate are definitely listed among those services.  If the official fails to provide the service within the specified time-frame, the matter gets escalated automatically to his higher official who is supposed to cut a penalty from his salary and give the citizen compensation for the delay he suffered!  So, instead of paying a bribe, you can be paid some money if the service is not delivered in time!  Why no one knows about the SAKALA Act is because officials have either removed the boards on SAKALA in their offices, which give information about it to all citizens, or they have covered it with other boards.  The right thing for citizens to do is to submit your documents and insist on an Acknowledgement with Unique Tracking Number under SAKALA.  If you demonstrate that you know about SAKALA, then officials will meekly give you the SAKALA acknowledgement.  If he/she refuses to give it, complain immediately to his higher official.  Once you have that acknowledgement, you can track the progress of your application on-line.  If Khata or any other listed service is not received within  the specified time-frame (I think it is one month for Khata)  you yourself can complain to the higher official listed as appeals authority and claim the compensation and service.  Please spread this message among everyone in your area/apartment complex.  Reema has demonstrated that it works!  It can work for you too!  You can google search for Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act 2011 and learn all about it and pass on the link to others”.

Both bifurcation and Khata transfer can be done online through Sakala website. 

If you need any further information please write to us at – hello@whitefieldrising.org

4 Applicable Laws and Acts

  1. THE KARNATAKA SAKALA SERVICES ACT, 2011 and (Amendment) Act, 2014

5 Reference

  1. BBMP Portal for Khata Services
  2. Khata Services Documents
  3. Procedure for Khata application and bifurcation, and amalgamation in Kannada
  4. BBMP Khata FAQ
  5. Karanataka Sakala Website

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