1 Introduction

The article describes how as a citizen you should monitor BBMP development works for your ward.

2 Description

  • When BBMP declares budget every year, they allocate funds for ward development works. For example, every ward gets 3 crore for ward development by default. Then additionally, based on the corporator’s influence, they can get Mayor Grants, State Finance Commission grant and Nagarothanna Grants.
  • Ward engineer then prepares a proposal for spending these funds.
  • The 3 crore per ward is expensed under Program of Works (POW).
  • These proposals after receiving approvals from AEE and EE will be tendered.
  • All tenders will be uploaded on Karnataka Procurement Portal where contractors can bid for any work.
  • The tender document should\would have details of the exact scope of work, street ID’s etc.
  • Once awarded, contractor executes work and gets paid by BBMP Finance team directly.

3 How to monitor

  • Citizens should look up for tender documents at Karnataka Procurement Portal and ensure every work is budgeted and accounted for.
  • They need to raise questions when this flow is not followed.

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