1 Introduction

This article describes on how to raise funds for your cause. Certain causes needs funds urgently. These could be for helping out an accident victim in hospital or for vaccination of dogs etc.,

Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace. Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God – the rest will be given. — Mother Therasa


2 Choose the cause

Cause for which you plan to raise funds is very important to choose. The cause should make you awake whole day. You should be feeling like you want to-do something for it all the time. It could be unplanned or an urgent one like helping a road accident victim or something like enrolling a poor good student into a college. So, first step is to decide the cause for which you want to do fund raising.

3 Fund Raising platform

Thanks to the technology and startups in this space. Now a days it is easy to raise funds for the cause and technology has helped both raiser and giver in terms of ease of paying/receiving donations through internet. For now there are two major platforms as listed below in this space which are used widely by many. Click the link and go through and select the one that fits you.

  • Instamojo (Whitefield Rising has been using this to crowd source funds for causes)

4 What are the key factors of fund raising

There are few key factors of fund raising. Below are few listed. The above sites will have listed all the things todo in their website once you registered.

  • Do something for your cause – You can run a marathon or do a long distance cycling or any other initiative from your side and dedicate it for the cause you raise funds for.
  • Fund raiser target and period – Decide the total funds and for the period you plan to raise it.
  • Fund raiser campaign write-up – Write down at-least 5 paragraphs with photographs so that donors get to know more about the cause they are going donate for.
  • Run the campaign – Once your campaign is setup, so share the fund raiser link with friends and family via social media, calls, mails.
  • Thank the donors – Thanks the donors personally by mail by keeping a check on the page everyday.
  • Updates – Update the campaign page atleast once in 2 days on your actions and about the cause. Donors will get to read more details about the cause and donate.

5 Campaign Ends

Once a campaign ends, communicate with the platform and NGO for which you raise funds for and make sure all documents needed are submitted by NGO to the fund raising platform. The payments will be done by the platform to the NGO/Person bank account in 2 weeks from the campaign end date.

Send one mailer with graphic to all the donors about the successful end of campaign. 

Few fund raising campaign at Ketto

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