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Its going to be really hard to find that woman who has not had some unwanted unprovoked advance from a male. They range from minor incidents all the way to Rape. Given how rampant it has all become, it has never been more important to take responsibility for your safety. It is common knowledge that it is not about the clothes age or even gender. Infact it is all about control and violence.

To learn what to do, we reached out to a Bangalore based group called Durga who came together after the infamous Nirbhaya incident and have assembled quite an amazing program to help us all in many many areas. This program can be tailored for a mixed audience, men, women, children or teens. Do reach out to them and organize sessions in your own community, workplace or school.

2 Few Quick Tips

  • Never be distracted when outside your home. Phones and earplugs are the worst distractors. Be sharp, alert and take in your surroundings always
  • Every time we let an incident go by, we have just made the perpetrator bolder.
  • Always “diffuse” the situation. Our job is NOT TO TEACH A LESSON but rather get to safety

For non aggressive advances such as in a bus, turn around, take a step towards the perpetrator and loudly ask a non threatening question such as “Anna, what is the time”

  • In the office, refuse time alone in a private space citing discomfort
  • Carry a whistle especially if you are in a lonely street
  • Target the Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Toes and Groin – whichever is accessible
  • Never leave your child with anyone you dont have a good feeling about regardless of gender
  • Trust your GUT. Never take a chance even if you later feel foolish about it
  • At your workplace there are some excellent improvements via ICC/POSH. These are proving to be invaluable in addressing complaints related to Sexual Harassment

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Contacts Meenakshi Giridhar  minigiri11@gmail.com


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